Building A Culture Around an Idea…

When I first began Think Big Inc. I had a desire to build a culture around the idea of Thinking Big. Seemingly easy enough, it’s not AS easy as it sounds, when you look at it through the eyes of the traditional belief systems as they pertain to marketing and promotion. However; what I am quickly starting to realize is that the Internet is and always has been a catalyst in connecting people. NOW with the advent of Web 2.0 and Socail Media – I am finding it easier than ever before to connect with people at every level. 

SO can a culture be built around the idea of Thinking Big? I honestly think there can be – and I am making efforts to do so. Working with and being a part of Sapien Harbor – an agency dedicated to change and human advancement, believe it or not – based in Albany, Georgia was founded by one of my Sons in Christ, Vincent Hunt – actually provides channels and resources to Change Agents, so that we can perpetuate our causes within the Social Networks. So is this a trend? Will we see more “causes” coming to the service – amongst all of the static that fills the Internet today? I personally think it is. 

So the thought of building a culture around an idea is not that far fetched. In-fact the concept is well within reach and should be explored at every level… 

Think Big! 


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The Art of Thinking Big…

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