New Site, Same Mission, New Approach…

It’s been a very “fast moving” and productive few days. I am happy to announce the release of the new Victor L. Powell site – which is in-fact the new home to my Company – VLP Think Big Inc. After a few weeks of working with now the Change Agent Development team at Sapien Harbor – I realized how important it was to unify my brand and bring some consistency to it – so that there would be more balance and structure to the story of VLP Think Big Inc., and how that story was told online. I truly feel that the new site – found at will accomplish this. 

With a growing and expanding Social Network – having what Sapien Harbor calls a “Harbor” (how ironic huh?) I am able to focus more on the “conversation” within these networks vs trying to keep a sigular site up to date and current. Through the Sapien Harbor Development Model – I am able to actively participate within the Social Networks I need to – reaching the people I need to in a seamless kind of a way, all the while the site at is continually evolving. Not only is this approach efficient BUT it saves tons of time in development. 

Has my mission changed? Not at all – in fact it’s coming into greater fruition, because now I can expand what I am doing further and faster than ever before. Being the CEO of VLP Think Big Inc. is more than a title for me. I am actively involved in what happens at VLP, and this experience, the engagement – gives me new insights to the marketplace and it’s needs. I still do my daily processes as it pertains to talking to organization leaders and forging new relationships in the physical sense of things BUT – I am seeing a unique proposition being connected to Social Networks. For a long time I felt that the internet would take away from the intimacy of people, however now what I am seeing is that people are connecting at very profound levels online, so this is all relevant for me. 

I welcome you to swing by the new – you wont find a bunch of pages – but you will get the data that you need – and most importantly you can connect with VLP Think Big Inc. the way you want to, in the Social Network that you are comfortable with. 

Always Remember… Think Big! 


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