VLP Think Big Inc. is an agency – dedicated to the art of Thinking Big. Through Change Experiences (workshops, seminars, and focus groups) VLP Think Big Inc. inspires, trains, and develops Forward Thinking Leaders to access the power behind Thinking Big. 

“We challenge thought processes. After each Change Experience we expect a result – we expect a shift in thought, actions, and lifestyle that perpetuate a habit of Thinking Big. We are specialized in evoking change and our methodologies are not only effective – but they are sustainable at every stage and level of life…” “We are the Think Big Company, our identity is not only conceptualized – it is indeed expressed in everything that we do…” Dr. Victor L. Powell, VLP Think Big Inc. 


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August 2017
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Victor L. Powell's Facebook profile

The Art of Thinking Big…

"My goal is to give you the tools and insights that you need to authentically start thinking big. At VLP Think Big Inc. we take the Science of Thinking Big seriously, and so should you..."
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