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Preparing to Be Stressless

As we approach the holiday season, kids going back to school, and as Summer winds down, our “to-do-list” get longer and it seems as if we never have enough time in the day for all that has to be done. Pondering our finances as we start planning out the season of giving we can start to feel the mental as well as the physical strain that comes along with it. Gas prices getting higher, the cost of food climbing right along with it, and all of the other financial headaches that come along with a slow economy start to weigh on us all like a ton of bricks. Kids needing new school clothes, and shoes, NOT TO MENTION the supplies and dues that come to the fold when we send our most precious gifts off to get the educations that will launch us all into the future – ALL of these things working together at one time. 

Stress is one of the number one killers in todays society. If we are real with ourselves, we can all honestly say that at some point in our lives, various seasons, and phases we all have the sickness. It can creep up like a fog, and overtake us in an isntant – leaving us feeling like we have no answers, lack of hope, and downright depressed – LET”S GET REAL! Stress is very REAL and it cares not if you are “Saved” a “Christian” or not… STRESS IS REAL. 

Over the next few months we are going to look at stress from another angle. We are going to look at from a BIG MIND and we are going to establish a set of strategies that will help us navigate stress in a new way. 

“Don’t try to overcome the mountains in your life. Become the mountain.” 

Remember.. Think Big!


Access 2008: The Prophetic Gathering

We are gearing up for the Access 2008 Prophetic Gathering Seminar on the 10th, which will run through the 14th, which includes the normal worship time for my base Church – Rhema Word International Ministries, Albany Georgia. I am orchestrating this event through the VLP Think Big Inc. label because I strongly feel that a very large component to your transition into thinking big has a lot to do with your relationship with God – and hearing Him is key part to truly unlocking your destiny.

If you are near and or around the Albany, Georgia area – I encourage that you take some time and attend this event. It will surely be an eye opener – 

The Official Site

Rethinking Worship: Part 3

In this piece I start to talk about “how” you identify your purpose, which I believe is one of the highest forms of worship that you can give to God. By doing what you are created to do, to be the design that God had on His mind even before you were in your mothers womb – quintessentially is one of the greatest ways to bring pleasure to the heart of God. 

Expect MORE!

On Sunday – I was ministering at Rhema Word International Ministries – my home Church, and we were dealing with the idea that God has given us all an guaranteed life – now rather we access this or not is really dependent upon our level of faith, belief systems, and of course a magnitude of other factors that come into play. The topic of this post – Expect MORE, is a translation that I want to extract for the purpose of Marketplace application and what our goal here is which is… Thinking Big.  

I said to my congregation and now I am going to say to you… “What do you expect God to do in your life?” – AND because I am fully aware that this blog is not a “Church” blog – but a “Lean Mean Business Communications Machine”… That’s designed to get you THINKING BIG! I am going to ask you the same question only in this way… 

“What are your expectations of LIFE?” 

What do you want from your life and even deeper than that – what have YOU DONE FOR YOUR LIFE LATELY? Provocative question I know… But let’s open the floor and see where this goes… 

Oh yeah – Only rule is… You have to THINK BIG! 

Building A Culture Around an Idea…

When I first began Think Big Inc. I had a desire to build a culture around the idea of Thinking Big. Seemingly easy enough, it’s not AS easy as it sounds, when you look at it through the eyes of the traditional belief systems as they pertain to marketing and promotion. However; what I am quickly starting to realize is that the Internet is and always has been a catalyst in connecting people. NOW with the advent of Web 2.0 and Socail Media – I am finding it easier than ever before to connect with people at every level. 

SO can a culture be built around the idea of Thinking Big? I honestly think there can be – and I am making efforts to do so. Working with and being a part of Sapien Harbor – an agency dedicated to change and human advancement, believe it or not – based in Albany, Georgia was founded by one of my Sons in Christ, Vincent Hunt – actually provides channels and resources to Change Agents, so that we can perpetuate our causes within the Social Networks. So is this a trend? Will we see more “causes” coming to the service – amongst all of the static that fills the Internet today? I personally think it is. 

So the thought of building a culture around an idea is not that far fetched. In-fact the concept is well within reach and should be explored at every level… 

Think Big! 

The Beginning of Something Big. REALLY Big.

Over two years ago – I decided to start a company called VLP Think Big Inc. Now – only a short time later I have successfully been able to effect the lives of people all over the world, at every level. From Governmental Offices, to Corporate Systems – I have effectively spoken a message of rethinking, redefining, and reinventing the world that we live, work, and play within. From 25 years of organized and detailed ministry – I learned that the work that we do, as Change Agents must extend far beyond the walls of the Church and we must be willing to penetrate the marketplace in unique and dynamic ways. VLP Think Big Inc. was born out of the need for the reformation of the mind, and my mission, and message is clear – To evoke change at every level – and evangelizing the Art of Thinking Big. 

Dr. Victor L. Powell 
Agent of Change | Founder, CEO
VLP Think Big Inc.  

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