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Rethinking Worship: Part 3

In this piece I start to talk about “how” you identify your purpose, which I believe is one of the highest forms of worship that you can give to God. By doing what you are created to do, to be the design that God had on His mind even before you were in your mothers womb – quintessentially is one of the greatest ways to bring pleasure to the heart of God. 


Expect MORE!

On Sunday – I was ministering at Rhema Word International Ministries – my home Church, and we were dealing with the idea that God has given us all an guaranteed life – now rather we access this or not is really dependent upon our level of faith, belief systems, and of course a magnitude of other factors that come into play. The topic of this post – Expect MORE, is a translation that I want to extract for the purpose of Marketplace application and what our goal here is which is… Thinking Big.  

I said to my congregation and now I am going to say to you… “What do you expect God to do in your life?” – AND because I am fully aware that this blog is not a “Church” blog – but a “Lean Mean Business Communications Machine”… That’s designed to get you THINKING BIG! I am going to ask you the same question only in this way… 

“What are your expectations of LIFE?” 

What do you want from your life and even deeper than that – what have YOU DONE FOR YOUR LIFE LATELY? Provocative question I know… But let’s open the floor and see where this goes… 

Oh yeah – Only rule is… You have to THINK BIG! 

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The Art of Thinking Big…

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