“Understanding who you are, starts with you understanding the power of the One inside of you…” 

Dr. Victor L. Powell
Change Agent | Founder, VLP Think Big Inc.
Senior Pastor, Rhema Word Intl. Ministries

My Purpose in the Earth is clearly defined – to challenge you to re-think the paradigms in your life, re-define old belief systems, and to cause you to re-invent the environments that you live, work, and play within. I am an Authentic Change Agent. 

I am the Founder, and an active Change Agent at VLP Think Big Inc. where we specialize in Change and Human Advancement. I am the presiding Senior Pastor at Rhema Word International Ministries in Albany, Georgia. A driven Husband and Father, I have committed to my calling in life. I have devoted well over 20 years to the calling of ministry – and a little over 2 years ago I birthed VLP Think Big Inc. The goal of VLP Inc. is to empower and inspire others to define their purpose and to realize their dreams. We will accomplish this goal by providing leaders with powerful, insightful, Change Experiences.


Think Big!



Affiliations and Causes: Stand Up Again Outreach Ministries, Charity: Water, National Alliance to End Homelessness, Sapien Harbor

Business Networks: Dallas Blue Executives, Sapien Harbor


Social Networks & Traditional Web –

Web – http://www.victorlpowell.com
Virb – http://virb.com/victorlpowell
Jaiku – http://victorlpowell.jaiku.com


 Deeper Bio – 

Dr. Victor L. Powell is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from Dunbar Vocational High School in Chicago in 1979 and joined the United States Marine Corps a year later and served nine years. He completed Noncomissioned Officers Leadership School, Defense Mapping School, was meritiously promoted to Sergeant and became an instructor at the Officers Leadership School. He was also promoted to Staff Sergeant. Dr. Powell is also a devoted husband and father. Dr. Powell has spearheaded and taught many workshops and seminars. Dr. Powell currently serves on the Board of Directors for Albany Georgia’s Chamber of Commerce, Apostolic Worship Enterprise, and Capitol City Bank. Dr. Powell is the Sr. Pastor of Rhema Word International Ministries. He is the founder and executive director of Stand Up Again Outreach, Inc. and Global Business Connect.


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  1. 1 Jimmecha Carr July 20, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    hellow bishop
    i seen the website so i just gave a e-mail.
    Have you desided on the bible school?

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The Art of Thinking Big…

"My goal is to give you the tools and insights that you need to authentically start thinking big. At VLP Think Big Inc. we take the Science of Thinking Big seriously, and so should you..."
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